Pakistan Super League (PSL) third edition is a much-anticipated event in the country and 2018 is going to be a good year for the cricket fans. Karachi Kings is one of the heart favorite teams and everyone is looking forward to entertaining performances from this team. A few days ago, Karachi Kings announced their captain and to fans’ delight, it was Imad Wasim who was selected as the captain. He has proved himself worthy of this rank and overall the decision has been received well by the public.

Why Imad Wasim?

There are a number of strong points that make Imad a powerful captain. Here are some positive attributes of this player that will help you agree that he is a good option for captaincy:

1. He is a left-arm spinner and a good one too. Over the years, he has proved himself to be a valuable member of the team.

2. He is enthusiastic about fulfilling this role. His passion speaks volumes about the potential and the good intentions behind it. Imad Wasim is inspired by the legends. He looks up to seasoned players like Shahid Afridi and Sarfaraz Ahmed and wants to perform like them.

3. He is equally concerned about his responsibility in leading the Karachi Kings team and at the same time, he is cautious of not ignoring his own role. He wants to put equal input into individual and collective performance.

4. Imad Wasim believes in concentrating on his own efforts and does not get into dirty politics with his fellow players. He believes in maintaining cordial relations with others and is not a victim of evil rivalry.

5. He has already gained some years of experience in top-level cricket so he is a not a new-bee who doesn’t understand the complexities. His experience combined with his talent will bring a powerful show for spectators. Early in his career, he has played at Wales, before joining Pakistan’s cricket professionally.

6. President of Karachi Kings, Shahid Afridi, has announced his appointment so it shows the confidence of seasoned international players in his abilities to act as a captain.

7. He has made some good records earlier in his career, like taking 27 wickets in 25 matches and even 5 wickets in one match. In his T20 career, Imad Wasim has secured 12 wickets in 18 matches which is an impressive score too.

With all these reasons in the background, we hope to see some good cricket from this young fellow in PSL 3rd edition.


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